Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept: The Pinnacle of Atletic Elegance?

Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept: The Pinnacle of Atletic Elegance?

The South Korean luxury car manufacturer Genesis revealed its new concept X in 2021 as one of the most beautiful, striking and desirable prototypes our eyes have seen. Using the cresta grill Genesis and a delicately carved body, the X concept has passed from the renders to the real with the renowned Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept. The brand calls it a free style design exercise based on the first X concept. We call it ready for the first moment.

“This car is a moment of open doors on the journey from Genesis to our future EV design,” said Luc Donckerwolke, creative director of Genesis. “This is not a show car – it’s a look at our design processes as we explore ideas for the next wave of VE, one that incorporates the DNA of Genesis. ”

Sand watch figure

The most defining feature of the concept of Genesis X Speedium Coupe – one that we hope fervently does it to production – is the integrated LED light band that has become the brand of Genesis. But unlike the previous X concept, the Speedium has full-width front-light bars that form the crest grill, a unique touch that previews the face of all-electric Genesis models by 2030. Speedium’s anti-red design philosophy looks more organic than Hyundai Ioniq 6 simplification of the scheme.

It almost looks like a two-door car from some angles, but it’s the kind of car that we won’t care about for the daily grinding. Everything is due to the delicately contoured form of Speedium, most prominent in predicting the concept from above. The curved proportions and muscle position have worked together for a car that correctly represents the design philosophy of the Athletic Elegance brand.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe
Genesis X Speedium Coupe. Photo: Hyundai Motor America.

The beauty of white space

When Genesis first previewed the X Speedium, it did it without displaying glimpses of the interior. Genesis waited until 2022 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to show how it would be to sit inside the brand’s brilliant concept car. Based on the inspiration of the South Korean design principle of “The Beauty of the White Space”, we like the design of a driver panel focused on the vehicle where all screens or controls are around the driver.

It also means that the driver’s shotgun will not come to fiddle with climate control or radio. We assume that the buttons and controls are redundant with the voice command system of the concept. However, we like how the driver is in full control of what is happening inside the cabin, a scenario that fears could become obsolete with the advent of completely autonomous vehicles driven by high-level AI software.

The controller can access a curved OLED display with an engine output indicator mounted in the center replacing the outdated tachometer to show the engine speed. Meanwhile, a vertical touchscreen on the right side of the driver’s seat features “an optimized user interface” to control multimedia, climate and other vehicle functions.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe interior layout.
Genesis X Speedium Coupe interior design. Photo: Hyundai Motor America.

Crafts Reserved

There is something to say for a concept car called after the South Korea Inje Speedium race circuit. It’s like calling your superior dog, hardcore track car “The Nurburgring Edition”, but the Speedium Concept is more than tightening the time back as quickly as possible. We’re talking about a quick touring blow that won’t go back to the occasional track day. And with its vegetable leather, breathable grain Pinegrove Verde, and the yellow padding leather upholstery, it will not look out of place at formal meetings.

In addition, Speedium has a state-of-the-art audio system created in collaboration with the South Korean sound designer Guk-il Yu. It has aluminum tweeters, mid-range speakers, woofers and subwoofers strategically placed around the cabin to provide a listening experience outside this world.


The Genesis X Speedium Coupe is an all-electric prototype with a battery and a power engine not yet revealed. Given its large gene pool, we believe that two electric motors and a 100 kWh battery (at least) are at stake, good enough for a time of zero to 60 mph of about 3.5 seconds and about 450 to 500 miles range.

We like Genesis to be diligent enough to build a “hard model” of concept X after receiving joys and worship from all areas of automotive space. Therefore, we see no reason why Speedium could not jump from concept to production. Hyundai did so earlier with the 45 Concept/Ioniq 5 (it never matters Ioniq 6, a narrow variant of eye loss Concept of prophecy). It would be great if Genesis did the same with Speedium.

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Photos & Source: Hyundai Motor America.

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