How to be noticed in your next car show

How to be noticed in your next car show

Generally speaking, cars are a difficult place to shoot cars. Foot traffic, hard lighting, nearby neighborhoods etc make most of the general photos a realistic expectation. That does not mean, however, that taking a little time to prepare before the event (and even when you are there) will not increase your chances of finding your walk in print, and possibly the opportunity of a closer look!

Here are some tips (and tricks) to help your car stand out.

– Yeah. Clean and detail your car. This should be a dice but you’d be surprised how many really big cars go through here because someone didn’t invest a little fat elbow in cleaning it.

No: Forget the inside of the car. Look, we got it, most cars are driven to the event. Remains, grass, gravel, dust, etc. are expected. Know this and get ready for it. It only takes a few minutes once you’ve arrived.

Speaking of interiors, open the windows! Anyone interested in your car will make the interior your second stop when you check it out. Let them see what’s inside!

No: Ignore people who look closer.

Raise the hood. This is the candy of the eyes. A clean and well maintained engine compartment is a duty. Unless the event is closed hood alone, lift them!

This is the number one stop when checking the cars in the show field. The chances of someone going on with any other part of their journey decrease almost 70% if their hood is closed.

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