Lincoln Model L100 Concept: Old-School American Luxury With a Sprinkling of Autonomy

Lincoln Model L100 Concept: Old-School American Luxury With a Sprinkling of Autonomy

Did you know that the founder of Lincoln Henry Leland was in the mid 1970s when the first car of the car manufacturer, the L series or the Lincoln L model, debuted in 1920? Leland established Lincoln Motor Company’s pedigree competing with industry banners such as Rolls-Royce, Packard, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac. Funny enough, Leland co-founded Cadillac with William Durant 18 years before establishing the Lincoln Motor Company, and Model L is a luxury car swimming in Cadillac Type 51 territory.

The friendly rivalry between two of the world’s oldest car manufacturers is alive and well with the Lincoln Model L100, a concept car that would make the potential owners of Cadillac Celestiq stop for a second look. “Lincoln has been one of the most durable and elegant automotive brands in the world, and in many ways, it is perfectly positioned for a second century defined by great design, zero emissions and technology experiences,” said Bill Ford, executive president of the Ford Motor Company.

The Future of Lincoln’s Design

Of course, the L100 model can be a concept, but it points to the future design direction of Lincoln cars. It is also the gift of the car manufacturer to celebrate its 100T anniversary from being under the wheel of Ford Motor Company. Find Lincoln ingrain to a new generation of buyers who yearn for the welcoming embrace of vintage American luxury. “The last expression of our design model L100 is one that moves effortlessly – a vehicle that seems to be sculpted by the wind as if friction did not exist,” said Kemal Curic, Director of Global Design of Lincoln.

Lincoln states that the L100 model has pushed the limits of the company’s silent flight style philosophy. The concept is about the presence with its canopy-style ceiling (which rises when the two reverse front doors open), long wheel distance and nailed facade.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept.
Lincoln Model L100 Concept. Photo: Lincoln Motor Company.

Autonomous electricity

The concept of Lincoln Model L100 is an electric car with “last-generation battery cell and package technology” batteries that offer changing energy density of game and efficient load. Lincoln did not specify the number of engines or horsepower figures, but do that. Really. matters for future autonomous cars? You will not find a steering wheel or foot pedals within the L100 model – just want to drive, thank you – but yes the reward occupants with the “Lincoln Embrace”, a proven and proven luxury approach perfected by a century of know-how.

According to Lincoln, the “embrace” begins with an orchestrated symphony of a raised glass ceiling and how the doors open elegantly to reveal the interior space. The vehicle feels the occupants using AI and GPS and displays intuitive lighting as how airports use landing lights to guide the planes.

Immersive cabin

Once inside, the occupants can be revealed in Lincoln Model L100’s recycled suede upholstery, amethyst and central chess console with a jewel-inspired chess piece controller that replaces the steering wheel. It also has a digital floor that harmonizes with sounds, smells and environmental lighting as the vehicle moves along the road, a feature that we cannot decide if it is bright or distracted.

However, the lights and sounds could entertain the boring “driver” that has nothing to do but sit and admire the contemporary interior of the vehicle. Or, the front passengers can rotate their seats to interact with the friendly pitcher of the rear occupants. “Conceptual vehicles allow us to reimagin and illustrate how new experiences can come to life with the help of advanced technologies and allow our designers more creative freedom than ever,” said Anthony Lo, Ford Motor Company Design Director.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept interior layout.
Lincoln Model L100 Conceptual interior design. Photo: Lincoln Motor Company.

The Lincoln L100 model will turn a new page?

It is good to know that Lincoln is prepared to adopt electrification with a clear vision of the next 100 years of the automotive manufacturer, especially since Cadillac is ambitious with their electrification plans. Lincoln needs to reveal a prototype work of his first EV as a message to other luxury marquesas that the brand is ready to interrupt the competition.

“Lincoln has pioneered multiple innovations and has pushed the boundaries of design that have come to define our brand as we know it and we love it today,” said Joy Falotico, president of Lincoln Motor Company. “With the Model Concept L100, we reimagined what the Lincoln Sanctuary might look like for our customers tomorrow, moving forward to define the next chapter in Lincoln’s history. ”

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Photos ” Source: Lincoln Motor Company.

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