Making money FUN with Annie F Downs

Making money FUN with Annie F Downs

(The following is an abbreviated transcription from a video Linda and I recorded with Annie F. Downs. Please excuse any typos or errors.)

enjoying your money with Annie Downs

We are excited to have the opportunity to sit down with Annie F. Downs. Linda and I got to talk with Annie about her amazing new book Chase The Fun.

For anybody doesn’t know, Annie is a New York times bestselling author, speaker and just all around super fun person.

She has a whole bunch of books and podcasts with “fun” in title of them. You can probably just Google “fun book” or “fun podcast” and you’ll find her. Annie is all about fun! And Chase The Fun was such a good read. I just read in about two days. So I am really excited to dive in, talk about making money fun!

Now before we get into the details of the book, I recorded our discussion that you can listen to on our Podcast. But, if you would rather read the full transcription, you can do so here in this article!

Bob Lotich: So Annie, I’m an Enneagram three with a four somewhere in there. Between you and Linda (both Enneagram sevens), I’m just gonna try to hang on. Maybe I’ll turn the notch up a little bit. See if I can get closer to seven range, but anyway.

Why having fun in life is so important

Linda Lotich: Yeah. So kind of the angle we wanna take today, if you’re listening to this podcast, wondering why are these financial people talking about having fun? The fourth part in our book (Simple Money, Rich Life) is enjoy all you can. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Linda Lotich: And it is a super important part of life. Not every decision of life needs to be based on whether or not it’s financially the best thing.

Bob Lotich: Yeah, exactly. 

Linda Lotich: We want you to tell us. Start off with a bang. Tell us why do you think having fun in life is so important?

Annie F. Downs: Well, I’m, I’m gonna give you an example that I think you are just going to adore. So when I meet with my financial planner, when we sat down the first time I was like, Hey, listen, here’s what I’m willing to do. I’m willing to save and invest this much money. And I gave him the number. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And I said the number right after. I get to do whatever I want with . And I was like, and that window of money, I get to do whatever I want with, and then we’ll start saving again and the cycle will begin again. And I was like, I have to know when it comes to money and to finances, it obviously is important. We have to be, I want to be a good steward of what God has trusted me with.

Linda Lotich: Mm-hmm. 

Money isn’t the most important currency

Annie F. Downs: But money is not my favorite currency.

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: It’s a currency that matters. It’s not my personal favorite currency. 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: Time, experiences, people. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: Way more interesting currencies to me. But when it comes to finances and why it matters that we have fun is that even if… I was talking to someone recently about grief. And I’ll put finances and grief in similar categories of level of interest for what I put my time to.

Responsibly enjoying your money

Annie F. Downs: But even whales, even the deepest diving whales have got to come up to the surface or they cannot live. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Linda Lotich: Yep. 

Annie F. Downs: And so when you are thinking about your finances and saving and spending and being responsible, at some point you have to come up and it’s not even a reward or a punishment. It is just a deep breath of going like, “Hey, this $20 this week, we get to do whatever we want with.” 

Linda Lotich: Yep. 

Bob Lotich: Yep. 

Annie F. Downs: It doesn’t have to be a million. 

Bob Lotich: Right. 

Annie F. Downs: I mean, y’all teach this. It does not have to be a million dollars that you play with. Play with $20 this week. And, you’ll realize, man, I’m willing to save more next week or double down next week because I so enjoyed having that $20 fun money this week.

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Financial milestone rewards

Bob Lotich: Yeah. And I think that’s one of the things that sets us apart from a lot of other financial experts is that it is such an important part. Because I know that for someone married to someone like Linda, we could have never made any financial progress had we not made that part of the discussion. 

Linda Lotich: Totally. 

Bob Lotich: So we had big rewards, like we’re paying off our debt. We’d pay off a $200 credit card balance, and then we’d go spend a hundred dollars going out to dinner. But we needed to do that in order to move forward.

Linda Lotich: Totally. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Bob Lotich: That was what needed to happen. And so it’s such important thing. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes, that’s right. Because otherwise it’s just like, okay, I checked off all the responsible things. And by the time you get to the last check, another responsible thing has been added to the list (checkout SeedTime’s checklist to financial freedom). 

Linda Lotich: Yes. 

Having fun is a healthy rhythm in life

Annie F. Downs: And that is when I drive my car into the ocean and start a new life. Right? Like, “I hate everything. Let me do something fun. I hate all this.” And so if there’s always this rhythm. And again, I don’t like to think of fun as a reward. I like to think of it as a healthy rhythm in my life. How we handle our food, how we handle our money, how we handle our sleep.

Bob Lotich: Mm-hmm. 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: How we handle our bodies and how we handle our fun. It’s spirit, soul, and body, right? Like, are you doing the things that make you the healthiest? 

Linda Lotich: Yes. 

Annie F. Downs: And I think fun is a really valuable one of those things. We go, “okay, well, I am working out and I am eating right for my body. I also am gonna go get on my inflatable kayak this afternoon because it’s fun.”

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And that’s gonna make me healthy, too. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah, that’s so good. 

Inflatable kayaks

Linda Lotich: We have an inflatable kayak. 

Bob Lotich: We do. 

Linda Lotich: We need to get ours out. 

Annie F. Downs: Those are the best, right? 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. It’s great. 

Annie F. Downs: Wait, where’d you tell me? Where do y’all live?

Bob Lotich: We’re just down the road. We’re in Franklin. 

Annie F. Downs: Well, listen, let’s go to Percy Priest. 

Bob Lotich: Let’s go, I love it. 

Annie F. Downs: Let’s all get inflatable kayaks. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah, I’ve taken my eight year old out a few times. Like, I couldn’t believe it it’s it actually works. Like it holds water… I mean it holds air. It doesn’t hold water. It keeps the water out, you know. But we’ve had blast. 

Annie F. Downs: My first ride. I wasn’t very smart cuz I blew it up and put it in the water and got in without… you live with an Enneagram seven, you get this so hard, Bob. I blew it up. I got in the water and I was like, I didn’t do this right. This isn’t comfortable. I didn’t look. So now I need to blow it up one time in my living room. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And figure out how much air it needs, and then put it on the water. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Linda Lotich: That is awesome. 

Bob Lotich: But classic Annie is like, get it on the water first. 

Linda Lotich: Just do it. 

Annie F. Downs: And then we’ll figure out how to make…

Bob Lotich: Yeah I think mine had five or six different pockets in to fill with air. 

Annie F. Downs: What? Yes!

Bob Lotich: So, it makes sense. 

Linda Lotich: Who knew? 

The key to generosity is to make giving fun

Bob Lotich: So I want to ask you about something. Because you know, a big part of what we do here and our mission and call in life is to give and to give on significant levels. That’s like what we’ve dreamed about forever. We want to give away millions of dollars. Okay? 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Bob Lotich: So giving is such an important part of what we’re doing. And I grew up hating giving. Because I always felt like it was a sense of obligation. A sense of I have to do this. Sense of… of course, no fun. You know, like Jesus said it is more blessed to give than receive. I thought he was just being foolish and he’d never gotten a good gift or something. 

Annie F. Downs: He never gotten a good gift

Bob Lotich: Yeah. Like it just made no sense to me at all. So I’m curious for you, because I discovered (we both discovered) that giving has now become like our favorite thing to do. But it’s been that way because we found ways to make it fun. And we found ways to make giving something that’s really exciting. So that helped us achieve or move in the direction of a really important goal for us (giving our age as a percentage). So I’m curious for you, have you observed that there are things in your life where it’s like, this is who I want to become? These are things that I want to achieve? 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. 

Bob Lotich: And that fun has helped you get there? 

How not to be attached to money

Annie F. Downs: Yeah, totally. I mean, even when I think about giving, one of the reasons I love that money isn’t my favorite currency is I don’t feel attached to it. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: So I’m like, oh, we’re not gonna let money be the thing that keeps anybody from doing the thing they wanna do.

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: Right? Whether it’s fun or whether it’s on mission or whether it’s getting out of poverty, I’m like, “Oh no, no, no, no, no! Money’s not gonna be the thing that stops us.” 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And so if I’ve got some money and that’s what you need to get done the thing you want to do, that sounds fun to you… let’s go!

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Your co-worker is The Lord

Annie F. Downs: The thing about the Lord is like if we will work hard, the Lord and I both have a job here. 

Bob Lotich: Yep. 

Annie F. Downs: Right? 

Bob Lotich: Exactly. 

Annie F. Downs: And so if I will work hard and keep working and it’s a cycle, I’m not gonna stop making money in my job. As far as I can see.

Bob Lotich: Yep. 

Annie F. Downs: Now I’m saving for an emergency, all the things, all the things. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah, yeah. 

We’re generous because of others’ generosity towards us

Annie F. Downs: But I’m like, “Hey, listen, money’s gonna come and go for the rest of our lives. Being generous. Is one of the most fun things we get to do.” Because when people have been generous to me and allowed me to be a part of something fun with them. You’re like, how can I do this for someone? I mean, it’s a little bit addicting. 

Bob Lotich: Oh yeah.

Annie F. Downs: To be like… 

Bob Lotich: Exactly. 

Annie F. Downs: That money’s gone and I don’t care. And I’ll tell you, the reason I learned that Bob, is I used to teach elementary school.

Bob Lotich: Mm-hmm. 

Lack of income and not paying attention to money

Annie F. Downs: And in the transition from elementary school teaching to this full time job, I had about a four year window where I did not make a lot of money

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And in fact I wasn’t paying attention (here’s how to budget for beginners). I was just… shocking neither of y’all. I was just like, do I have enough for this month? Do I have a little bit to… 

Bob Lotich: That’s really common. 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. This is like in 2009. My dad’s a CPA and I get to the end of the year and do my taxes. And he’s like, “$18,000, Annie?” And I was like, “Are you kidding?” And he was like, “You made $18,000 this year. How did you survive?” And I thought, I actually don’t know, number one. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah.

Annie F. Downs: Number two, I thought back through the year and I thought, oh, it’s because on Sunday nights we all ate dinner together. And everybody brought one thing to share.

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And it’s because that family let me eat dinner with them once a week. It was all because of generosity

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And so then I went, oh, at some point when I have a job again, whatever the next job is (which ended up being this). And at that point I was like , do I need to go back to teaching?

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: You know, you think you’re not making money as a teacher, till you’re not making money as a waitress at a restaurant or whatever. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And so that just made being generous easier because I recognized that I survived financially at a time where I shouldn’t have because of other people’s generosity. And that’s so fun. It’s so fun. It’s so so fun. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. No, I know. It’s so rich. It’s just kind of been one of our absolute favorite things through all that. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Have fun, but don’t go into debt

Bob Lotich: It’s really cool to hear your side of that. And I mean, you came on like very much saying that, you don’t have a lot to add financially to the conversation. But through the book, like I’ve noticed you very much are… be wise, but like have fun. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Bob Lotich: Don’t go into a ton of debt to do it (here’s what the Bible says about debt). And I’m just curious, how do you balance that in your own life? You know, because you are an Ennegram seven. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Bob Lotich: Presumably very driven by fun, just like Linda is. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Bob Lotich: And so how do you personally balance that and make some of those tough decisions for yourself?

Annie F. Downs: Well, if I’m telling you the whole truth, I have a little bit easier life because I’m not married yet and don’t have kids yet. And so there really isn’t anyone else I have to run my money by. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: But I have set up a system (you can too in our Real Money Method budgeting course!) because I’m really responsible to the people who work with me.

Bob Lotich: Yeah.

Recognizing your responsibilities

Annie F. Downs: I feel a high level responsibility to my employees. And I’m like, “well, I can’t blow through all this money doing something fun because their ability to be generous is dependent on my responsibility.”

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: Right? And I want my people to be really generous with their time and with their money. And so I have to be responsible with my time and my money. So that’s part of it is that I have employees that depend on me being responsible. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

It’s not fun to be upside down financially

Annie F. Downs: And the other part is that it really is not fun to be upside down financially because you feel trapped. Right? 

Bob Lotich: That’s true. That’s true. 

Annie F. Downs: And that’s what everybody in some way or another does not enjoy feeling trapped. For Ennegram sevens, particularly it’s do not trap me in this pain. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: But everybody has an emotional jail that they don’t wanna be in. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And for me, if I’m upside down financially and I’m not paying attention and I get behind, well, that actually is trapping me from getting to do what I wanna do next.

Linda Lotich: Mm-hmm.

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

It’s easier to say small “no’s” now, than big “no’s” down the road

Annie F. Downs: And so it’s a little bit easier to say small no’s, so that I don’t have to say big no’s down the road. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. We Didn’t come from silver spoon growing up type of thing.

Annie F. Downs: Right. 

Bob Lotich: We were both very, very broke. We understand the feeling of being broke, and it not being fun. 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. 

Bob Lotich: And that honestly was so much of my motivation. And cuz I’m not a full blown seven, like you guys I’m learning, I’m trying to let you rub off on me. But that was always a big motivator for me. Like I loved how you said that. Like the little no, or the little, yes. However you worded it. 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. 

Bob Lotich: To get the big one. 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. 

Bob Lotich: Cause that’s what it was. That’s what longer term thinking is. And I think that’s just part of maturity is realizing, all right I can say no to some small things in order to be able to get some bigger things later.

When saying yes to the big thing is ok before you say no to the small things

Annie F. Downs: Yes. Or say “yes” to the big thing. So I just finished like what I called the best summer ever. There were a lot of concerts and a lot of trips. And I knew before I started, “Hey, Annie, you’re getting to say yes’s this summer that are gonna require no’s in the fall.” 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: Right? And so it can be either way. But because I knew I had some big “yes’s” in the summer, I went ahead. And it is maturity. I mean, I’m 42. So it’s certainly at this point “please Lord learn how to say no to some things, Annie.” Right? And so because of that, I can go okay, with all the currencies that matter to me. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: I got to say “yes” with a lot of currencies this summer with time, with finances, with friends that will require me saying “no” in the future. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And what I’ll have to say to myself is, “Hey, that Chatbook you made of all the pictures from this summer. Go look at that again, because that was the, yes that’s making this be a no. And that is okay.” 

Finding fun and joy in suffering, pain and heartache

Linda Lotich: Yeah. I’m curious in a job that you don’t wanna do. So I was telling Bob, since you are a fan of Mary Poppins. In every job that must be done… 

Bob Lotich: We saw all the Mary Poppins all throughout the book. I’m like, all right. 

Linda Lotich: There’s an element of fun. You find the fun and snap, the jobs a game. Right? 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah.

Linda Lotich: So how do you find the fun in the things that you don’t wanna do? 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. I mean, part of it is you just have to be a person who does things you don’t wanna do. Because I think a lot of times people think, oh, well, if it’s gonna be fun, then I can erase the responsibility or the pain.

Linda Lotich: Mm-hmm. 

Annie F. Downs: Or the grieving or the hard.

Linda Lotich: Mm-hmm.

Annie F. Downs: And that’s not it. It is the Mary Poppins theme of, can you somehow gamify any part of this?

Linda Lotich: Right. 

Annie F. Downs: So even this morning I was fun coaching someone and she lost her mom recently. 

Linda Lotich: Oh. 

Annie F. Downs: And she said, I want to go through and make a bucket list of all the things my mom and I wanted to do that we didn’t get to do. And what we spent the whole time talking about was are you willing to feel pain in the joy? And are you willing to feel joy even if there’s pain? 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: A lot of times people have learned, a lot of my friends have learned, oh, even in this joy, there’s gonna be some sadness. 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: That’s kind of the easier one. The harder one is, oh man. Even in this sadness, I’m allowed to feel joy.

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: I mean, scripture says even in laughter the heart may ache (10 encouraging Bible verses). 

Bob Lotich: Mm-hmm. 

Annie F. Downs: Well, even in heartache, there may be laughter. 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

You need to do fun little things

Annie F. Downs: Right? And so it’s holding both of those things. So in a job that is not fun in a season that is a lot of pain or suffering, it is doing the little fun things. It is a 30 minute block in your week.

Somebody yesterday, a teacher who’s trying to help her staff have a really good year. I. What if it is as simple as this is the year, you’ll find the best guacamole in your town. What if that’s it all you gotta do is find the best guacamole. 

Linda Lotich: I love that. 

Annie F. Downs: You can go once a month. You can go once a week. So it’s finding these little things. I had to go to the bank for something else, and I thought I should just get a couple of $10 bills. And on Friday after work, hand them to my coworkers and go, “Hey, just do something fun this weekend that’s $10.” 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And it may not get ’em real far, but it can get ’em to a movie. 

Linda Lotich: I love that.

Annie F. Downs: And it can get ’em coke icees for their family. 

Bob Lotich: Well and to get them thinking. 

Annie F. Downs: That’s right. 

Bob Lotich: And I think that’s so important. 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

Thinking about fun is a good step

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. That’s it. That’s it just thinking about fun is a good step. So Linda that’s part of it, is going like, okay, this part of my job I don’t love. How can I have fun? So when I meet with my financial planner, not my favorite part of my life, but his office is next to Frothy Monkey. 

Linda Lotich: There you go. 

Annie F. Downs: Which is a coffee shop here that it’s actually the one right by y’all and Franklin. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And so my promise to myself is, “Hey, when you go to this meeting, you also get to go into the Frothy Monkey that you really like.”

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And so it’s just finding those little, again gamification or adding a little bit of fun where you may not find it otherwise. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: It helps lead to a healthier life. 

Linda Lotich: Mm-hmm. 

What does Annie F. Downs do for fun?

Bob Lotich: All right. So you mentioned kayaking, I’m curious. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Bob Lotich: Just cuz I’m curious, and why not? And you asked this question on your podcast That Sounds Fun, so I’m gonna ask you, like what do you do for fun? Like what, what does Annie enjoy? 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. Oh man you know me well enough at this point and also because you live with Linda, if I just say everything. I mean, that’s just the truth. It’s just, I think everything’s fun. But currently what’s left on my best summer ever list is I get to see Hamilton this week. Cuz I’m a TPAC season ticket holder. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Linda Lotich: There you go. 

Annie F. Downs: And because that really that’s something I prioritize, it really matters to me is the arts. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. 

Linda Lotich: Uhhuh. 

Annie F. Downs: And so in my budget, that has fit in my budget for a couple of years and I love it. So I get to see Hamilton this week. I still have a float that is a Pegasus. Her name is Pearl. The summertime Pegasus. I have not blown her up yet, so. 

Bob Lotich: Okay, I’m not getting it. A pool thing that you get on in the pool? 

Linda Lotich: Pool float? 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. Yeah. Pool float. Yeah. 

Bob Lotich: Okay. 

Annie F. Downs: She literally holds three adults comfortably. She is massive. And don’t, you know, that I keep her in my trunk. She is in my trunk all year long. Cause you’re like, you don’t know when you might need a float. I keep a blanket, a frisbee, and a float in my trunk. 

Enneagrams and relationships

Linda Lotich: What’s great about being married to an Enneagram three, as a seven, is I will like buy the giant float and then I go, I don’t know how to blow this up. And then my three over here is like, oh, I have an air pump.

Annie F. Downs: That’s it. That’s exactly right. 

Linda Lotich: He pulls out that thing and we’re in business within minutes. 

Annie F. Downs: Listen, male threes are one of my favorite group of people because they will take an Enneagram seven and go like, “Oh, you wanna have fun? We’re gonna have the best fun.” 

Bob Lotich: This is so true. I remember reading this article about how the three seven combination is really powerful.

Annie F. Downs: It’s is super powerful. 

Bob Lotich: So you need to find a three. That’s what you need, Annie. 

Annie F. Downs: I, listen, I’ve dated a few of them. I’ve gone through a few of you and it just hasn’t happened, haven’t locked it down. I mean, that your strengths and our strengths work together so beautifully. So that’s what sounds fun to me. And because it’s summer and it’s hot outside, I grew up in Georgia. And I’ve only lived in Georgia and Tennessee with a little stint in Scotland for a minute. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah. Yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And so I love being hot. So I’m like get me outside every day. Let’s just be outside before it gets dark and cold. And then all January I cross stitch and watch Netflix.

Linda Lotich: Hilarious. 

Bob Lotich: That’s so good. 

The funnest thing on Annie F. Downs’ desk

Linda Lotich: Okay. One more question, cuz I know you gotta go on a second here. Okay. What is the funnest thing on your desk within arms reach? 

Annie F. Downs: Probably, my lipstick is what I love the most because I’m just like, why not? We should… 

Linda Lotich: What kind? 

Annie F. Downs: This is Bare Minerals and the color is scandal. Get ready, Linda. Scandal. But what I have on my desk in my office, I’m in my podcast studio, in my office I have like one of those little wooden birds that is like a thing for your brain that you can rub.

Linda Lotich: Uhhuh. 

Annie F. Downs: And it is like real, real, smooth, all around. So I love that. I keep a pair of sunglasses near me. I dunno. You just never know your…

Bob Lotich: Just in case, just in case. 

Linda Lotich: You never know.

Annie F. Downs: Just in case. You dunno if someone’s like get in the car, we’re going to get Coke icees. And I’m gonna wish I had my sunglasses. 

Linda Lotich: You’re ready. 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. That’s it. That’s exactly right. 

The hardest way to buy Chase The Fun

Bob Lotich: I love it. All right. So I’m assuming I know the answer. How about this? What is, what would be the hardest way to go about buying this book? 

Annie F. Downs: Oh, that’s a great question. The hardest way to find a copy of Chase The Fun. 

Linda Lotich: Make it funny. 

Annie F. Downs: Yeah. The hardest way would be to drive to a Walmart in a different city. 

Bob Lotich: There you go. 

Annie F. Downs: And get it from there. So the easiest way is online or at your local Walmart or Target. The hardest way is getting in your car and passing one or two Walmarts or Targets.

Bob Lotich: Oh, yeah. 

Annie F. Downs: And going to the next one. 

Bob Lotich: There you go. I like that idea. 

Annie F. Downs: To get the book that you want. 

Bob Lotich: Yeah, so the book..

Linda Lotich: Is awesome.

Bob Lotich: I mean, the devotional is Chase The Fun. But, the precursor to this was That Sounds Fun, which is the same name as your podcast. 

Annie F. Downs: Yes. 

Bob Lotich: And so if you were someone who is the starchy kind and you need a little bit of air in tires, I think check out either of these books. I think they’re really gonna help you. Annie, as you can tell, is infectious and just carries a lot in this area. 

Linda Lotich: Yeah. 

In closing

Bob Lotich: So I encourage you to check all this out, check out the podcast. Annie, thank you for taking a few minutes and chatting with us today. 

Annie F. Downs: Oh, I loved it. Y’all are the best. Thanks so much for having me. We’re taking our kayaks out. I’m ready. 

Bob Lotich: Let’s do it. 

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