The least known data on Chevrolet history

The least known data on Chevrolet history

The Chevrolet automotive company was established in 1911 in Detroit by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant. The company rose to prominence quickly, and in some decades, was one of the best-selling car manufacturers in the industry. Even today, his legacy continues to excite many drivers around the world.

Louis Chevrolet was a racer and engineer from Switzerland, while William C. Durant was the founder and president of General Motors Company. These two individuals had unique ethos and interesting backgrounds that continue to inspire many automotive engineers and entrepreneurs today.

When the two companies merged, Chevrolet quickly took the lead within the GM brand. The name Chevy became famous as the car for every purpose and bag. Their commitment is represented in the many emerging Chevy models we see today.

The first factory in Chevrolet was built in Michigan, in an area currently known as Chevy Commons.

How the Bowtie legend came to be

It is distinguished by its extreme good balance, combined with originality and formal excellence. Legend says he was inspired by a handy-looking wallpaper design that Billy Durant saw at a hotel in Paris. This story is quite intriguing but refuted by Billy Durant’s wife, who explains that he saw the symbol in a newspaper while on vacation in Virginia.

The first motor vehicle Chevy

The first Chevy motor vehicle to be produced was a C Classic Six series. The specifications of this model were drawn by Louis Chevrolet himself. Etienne Planche was the one who completed the design. The model was presented at the New York Auto Show of 1913, two years after the creation of the company.

The first vehicle

Chevy was the first car manufacturer to introduce the original SUV on the market. Known as the Carryall Suburban, this model was born in 1935. Even today, the Suburban remains a strong contender in the SUV series, having the longest name plate in the history of car models.

The Corvette 2019

classic corvette

The Corvette 2019 is the latest and fastest model of Chevy that was recently presented by GM. This supercar is one of the types – the first speed demon produced by Chevy. It has an impressive 755 HP 6.7 litre engine with an automatic eight-speed transmission or a seven-speed manual option.

For the first time, a ZRI is equipped with an automatic transmission, thanks to Chevy. The Corvette is expected to reach 210 MPH. This should be interesting for Chevy enthusiasts who want learn to drive with an eye out for this new model.

The Chevy Rarest – 2006 Silverado Intimidator SS – and what inspires its creation

The Silverado Intimidator SS 2006 is one of the rarest cars ever produced by Chevy. Its creation was inspired by the death of a famous NASCAR controller known as Dale Earnhardt. He died in a car accident while running at the Daytona 500 contest in 2001.

The Classic Bel Air

classic bel air

The classic belt The air is an iconic model that is loved by most car enthusiasts. When he first arrived on the road, he was the only two-door convertible on the market.

The Iconic Chevy Camaro and the Meaning behind his name

classic camaro

The Iconic Chevy Camaro was designed to compete with the popular Ford Mustang, popularly called the Panther. The meaning behind the famous Camaro name is speculative. Some argue that designers attribute it to a word in the French/English dictionary, which means a companion or friend. Another option is its definition in Spanish that says a small shrimp.

Later, speculation was cut when the company presented with its own memorable definition that “A Camaro is a small and vicious animal that devours Mustangs.” What a definition!


Chevrolet’s story is quite impressive. Many models have emerged over the years since their creation and merger with GM. Some of the cars built by Chevy have continued to govern the market, and we are still not witnesses to the many surprises that await the auto market of this legend company.

If you are interested in learning more about a specific Chevrolet manufacturer/model, you can start by searching for the vehicle manualthat details all the components of that car and is an invaluable resource if you are starting a restoration.

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